About The Author

E.S. Morscheck was born in 1997 in Perth, Western Australia and has lived in a myriad of locations during her short life, from Malaysia to Canberra where she currently resides. 

Emilie was writing stories from a young age and she began writing her first attempt at a novel, Half-Faye in 2010. It would take her two years to complete the story which now has over 20,000 reads on Wattpad. In November of 2011, Emilie finished her first novel during National Novel Writing Month. That novel was Eternal Darkness which was briefly self-published before being retired to Wattpad. 

That first success spawned the writing of a further six novels including the completion of Half-Faye. Participating in NaNoWriMo is now a yearly ritual. A few of her short stories have won awards and Burning Birds was picked up for publication mid 2015. 

Emilie graduated in 2014 and entered ANU to study Engineering and Arts. 

Emilie also dabbles in painting, animation and photography. 


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