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I have released the covers for the up-and-coming novels of mine, Shadow Blades and Rose Thorns. You can go to their respective pages to check them out.

In my opinion I think they are great, not to be boastful or anything. I made them myself and I would like to give a big shout out to all the folks on Without their stock I couldn't have brought you these amazing covers.
 In other news I have been working very hard on Shadow Blades. I actually wrote the first draft in August of last year but the reason I have done little about it until now was because it was handwritten. (Trust me, this is the worst mistake you can make. Ever. Especially with a 50,000+ word novel) Thankfully I have been able to do a lot of editing while typing it up and it has been a pleasant way to revisit the story.

To those of you haven't seen the blurb yet for Shadow Blades the story follows a new character. A young man named Cormac Pond and his friends Isabel the thief and Rider the Assassin. At nineteen years old Cormac is at the top of his game. He is a master thief and knows the roof tops of the city like the back of his hand.
But one night it goes all wrong. He is injured. Wounded in flesh and in pride.He seeks out the only people who can help him get revenge on a certain noble girl, the notorious Assassin's Guild who hide in the cover of rumours in the cities depths.
If only had known the mess he was about to get hopelessly entangled in...

The plot for Rose Thorns is yet to be finalised but I can assure any reader who loved reading about Mik and Kiayani that you are going to enjoy this tasty offering. It follows Kiayani's story through and after Shadow Blades and give another perspective of the events that befall Cormac Pond as well as having some adventures of her own.

To all those brave people who made it this far I want to thank you and I hope you won't be disappointed!


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