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Posted by Emilie Morscheck on Saturday, June 18, 2016 Under: Writing
In 2011 I wrote Eternal Darkness. In 2012 I wrote its sequel, Shadow Blades during Camp Nanowrimo. I made the monumental mistake of handwriting 50,000 words. In the years since I have slowly tried to type up Shadow Blades so it can have the readership I feel it deserves. So, over the next few months I'll be typing the whole thing up. It may be messy. It may be strange. But at least it is finally going to see the light of day, and I'm glad to share this journey with you all. 

Why am I giving this away for free you may ask? Well, I love this novel so much because it taught me about how to write a novel, how to create characters, how to have the will power to continue working when you're dead tired and your hand cramps up. But, not to short change myself here, it's not great. Shadow Blades is good, and I will defend it to the day I die, but it would need so much more time and work to bring it up to a publishing standard. 

I have new ideas all the time and I tend to write those ideas into new novels. If I didn't critically evaluate the publishing potential of each of my manuscripts I would never get anything read! So, I'll upload Shadow Blades to Wattpad as a free read for anyone who likes my writing and wants to see where I started, or wants to use it as a teaching tool. Learn from my mistakes!

Thanks for your support and enjoy this short preview here: . Official cover coming on the 20th of June 2016.

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